Green Living Blog: Second Hand Gifts

Green Living Blog: Second Hand Gifts

My kids get toys handed down to them at all times of the year, and let me tell you, they never turn them down or get frustrated that they aren’t ‘new’. Just the fact that the toys are new to them is super-exciting. This Christmas, my husband and I found some used items for presents that went over really well. 


I found a great set of Lincoln Logs at a thrift store that I was sure my creative kids would really like. A new set that size sells for $60 or more, and this one was $6.  They absolutely loved the Logs, and the adults got into building with them too. It was low waste, low cost and high fun. We are now more than a week past Christmas and the Lincoln Logs are still being played with, while new items have already been forgotten. 


We also found a second hand copy of a book my son wanted, which we are already deep into reading with him.


As a kid, I remember getting presents that weren’t new that I just loved. One was a kid-sized sewing machine. I fought with that thing to make little sewing projects for my stuffed animals and loved every minute of it. My sister used to give me cool things she found in second-hand stores. I loved them because they came from her, and because she knew exactly what I would like. 


I know sometimes people don’t want to give used items as gifts because they are worried of what other people will think. My philosophy is this:  I can’t control what other people are going to think about me, so I make decisions based on my own values and experience. I hope that sharing my experience with you will open you to the idea of carefully chosen used gifts too!


How about you – have you given used items as gifts before? How were they received?