Making Every Week Waste Reduction Week

Making Every Week  Waste Reduction Week

Here in our humble home in Riversdale in Saskatoon, we carry on in our near garbage-less ways. In honour of Waste Reduction Week, I thought I would share a recent garbage can change at our place. We’ve downsized even more!

Our son Holden is now walking and gets into everything. We used to keep a garbage can on the main floor in the kitchen - but that needed to change. Holden thought it looked like a fun place to investigate and store toys.

We tended to use that garbage as the main collection point for the whole house. It was important to keep it around, but it had to be out of Holden’s reach. We moved it into the laundry room, where it is still accessible to those who can open doors - but not very convenient.

In its stead, I set up a ‘counter-top’ garbage. It gives us somewhere handy to put the fruit stickers, bits of tape, etc. That way we don’t have to open the laundry room every time a tidbit of garbage is found. (Holden seems to find the most. He has labeled them ‘no-nummies’ as he’s not allowed to eat them).

As conscious as I am about the garbage we throw out, it really is true that a smaller container affects your habits. You tend to think more about what you are trying to fit in there, where it came from, and if it could be avoided in the future.

My challenge to you during Waste Reduction Week is to do the same. Put away those conveniently placed garbage cans and try something smaller - a yoghurt or margarine container perhaps - and see if you can make it through the week without filling it up.

Don’t think you can do it? Stumped on how to reduce a certain type of garbage? You can always e-mail me with your questions: [email protected]