Toys Made From Recycled Plastic

Toys Made From Recycled Plastic

What did children play with before plastic toys? I have no idea. Our entire house is littered with them.They were all hand-me-downs or gifts, but their presence in our house is getting a bit overwhelming.

I’m not necessarily condemning the use of plastic in toys. In many ways it does make sense. It is lightweight for shipping, and durable and waterproof for playtime. But surely not all toys have to be made overseas from virgin plastic and sent all the way over here - do they?

One company called Green Toys in California thinks not. I mentioned them briefly in one of my previous articles, as we received some toys made by them at our baby shower, but thought it was worth bringing them up again.

Here is why they are less wasteful than your average plastic toy:

1) They are made from locally sourced recycled plastic, specifically high-density polyethelene (aka milk jugs).

2) The packaging is designed to be minimal, and 100% recyclable. They purposefully avoid those annoying twist ties and zip ties.

3) Its ALL made in California, so there’s no overseas shipping of materials.

4) They even make a recycling truck toy. Now that’s neat.

So if you are thinking of getting a toy for a gift, think about a Green Toy. I have found them at Cravings and The Better Good in Saskatoon, and there are plenty of Canadian online retailers. Have a look at their website: Green