Scrap Metal ... on a small scale

Scrap Metal ... on a small scale

When I think of scrap metal recycling,  I think of manufacturers’ off-cuts and great piles of metal in the recycler’s yard. Well it turns out that we all might have a few things to contribute to the pile. And collectively it does make a difference.

At our house, we kind of missed spring cleaning due to renovations, but recently, we finally got to it. Our garage was the prime target - somehow over the last three years since we moved in it had filled up with, well, crap. Some of the junk was stuff that had migrated from my parents’ old place. Boxes of parts and gadgets that my late father had kept, for heaven only knows what purpose.

In sorting it all out, it was evident that some of what needed to go was simply ‘scrap metal:’ old metal weather-stripping,  a rusted out cheap mini barbecue, even ancient metal plumbing parts clogged with hard water scale. 

Not too far from our place there happens to be a scrap metal yard (and no I’m not talking about my neighbour’s house - that’s a whole other kettle of fish.) We drove in to the yard, and I felt a little out of place with my two little boxes of scrap metal in my trunk. The piles of scrap metal were like small mountains.

They gladly took what I had, though he smiled and said “there’s not enough for me to pay you anything.” I was fine with that. It was out of my garage, and that’s what mattered to me!

I did wind up hanging onto an old highchair we were given. Though it could have been stripped for scrap metal, I have decided to resuscitate it. Renewing its ripped up vinyl cushion is my next project.

For the future, we now have a bin designated for scrap metal in the garage. It gives us a place to put it as it is generated. With a kid in the house I’m guessing things will be broken, and things will need to be recycled.