New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

When I first started focusing on "zero" waste, I did a 30-day challenge that started on Jan 1st. I’m not usually much into new year’s resolutions, but since I'm still engaged in zero waste living, you could call this one a success! Quality over quantity, right?

I’d like to challenge you to try a waste-reduction-related new year’s resolution this year!

As always, I recommend starting small. Try to think of something easy. Or tackle something wasteful that frustrates you -- changes based on the things you are most passionate about are more likely to stick!

Maybe you’ll aim to reduce disposable coffee cups by making your own coffee or carrying a reusable mug on you all the time.  I recently taught myself how to make chai lattes and they’re way easier that I thought they’d be, so that’s a bonus!

Check out a couple of last year’s blog posts with advice on alternatives you could try:

A medium challenge could be making your own bread, shopping at a bulk store once a month, or going to a farmer’s market. You could also try to borrow more! Make a note to ask friends and family if they own something before you go and buy it and utilize the library instead of buying new books.

You can also go big and try to reduce all sorts of waste in your home. I recommend using our Waste Audit blog as a start.