1. Thoughts on ICI waste reduction

    Thoughts on ICI waste reduction

    In the world of waste reduction, the ICI (industrial, commercial, institutional) sector is the strong, silent type. Everyone focuses on the residential…
  2. Paperless? Hmmm...

    Paperless? Hmmm...

    In the late 70s, Business Week made the rash prediction that, in the future, all of us would have our own computers and offices would no longer need paper.…
  3. ‘Happy’ Scrap Metal Recycling

    ‘Happy’ Scrap Metal Recycling

    A few thousand years ago, some happy human noticed that brown stuff was leaking out of a rock in the fire and later, when it was cool, it had changed shape.…
  4. Burning to tell the truth

    Burning to tell the truth

    A while back, CleanFARMS did a survey of farmers and asked how they handled their various waste agricultural plastics. Fully 85 percent of the Saskatchewan…
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