1. Over-Stuffed


    What do people do with their old couches? Ask any municipality with a community compost pile. Chances are, if there’s a (relatively unsupervised) area…
  2. Repair Up Front

    Repair Up Front

    In this world where planned obsolescence reigns supreme, people don’t often opt for the repair option. We have been trained to love the newest model and…
  3. Stuff


    Black Friday … the term started in Philadelphia, (according to our collective brain, Wikipedia) and originally referred to the heavy and disruptive foot…
  4. Who me? I don't waste food ...

    Who me? I don't waste food ...

    An estimated $27 billion worth of edible food is wasted in Canada every year. That’s a ‘b’ folks, and just in Canada. Worldwide, the FAO estimates that…
  5. Zero Waste in Context

    Zero Waste in Context

    I’m always thrilled to hear about companies that have been able to achieve zero waste and to reduce their environmental footprints. This is a good thing.…
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