Waste ReForum 2023 – A Spectrum of Opportunities

Waste ReForum 2023 – A Spectrum of Opportunities

I can only speak for myself, and what others have shared, but this year’s ReForum was one of the best. It felt like everyone was happy to be together, and not even crowding onto a school bus, or getting drenched on a walking tour, could get us down.

The opening keynote, Georgia Lavender from the Synergy Foundation in Vancouver, gave us an excellent overview of the circular economy (more than one person is planning to steal that circular economy graphic – it was the best one I’ve seen). She also gave some specific examples of circular businesses and programs – most inspiring.

Our popular five-minute lightning talks did not disappoint – we all came away with new ideas and things to follow up on.  As did the sessions.

The social activities gave everyone a chance to catch up with colleagues and friends, and to make new ones. The evening banquet was fun – many of us took on the challenge of a single colour outfit, it was great to see what everyone came up with and to pose for colourful pictures.

Sandy Bonny from the University of Saskatchewan gave a though-provoking closing keynote address, examining the elements of storytelling and how stories can change beliefs and behaviours.

Thanks to our sponsors, you made it possible for the conference to happen. Thanks to our trade show exhibitors, you were small, but mighty. And a big thank you to everyone who participated, your willingness to connect, to take in new information and to enjoy yourselves was inspiring.