SWRC Blog: Fall Workshops

SWRC Blog: Fall Workshops

2022 is the year for everyone to appreciate coming together in person. We hosted our first Fall Workshop series since 2019 in the first week of October, and yes, it was great to interact face to face.

The Prince Albert workshop was held at the Coronet Hotel on October 4th. Todd Olexson, Prince Albert’s Sanitation Manager, gave an overview of Prince Albert’s waste diversion programs. I confess to both wanting to be there to see their annual wood pile burn and to wanting to point out how useful wood chips can be so they never have to burn it again. Alexa Mofazzali from Loraas North talked about the importance of recycling education and the high demand they’ve had from schools for their virtual tours and now in-person ones again. About 40 people attended the PA workshop.

On October 6th, 30 people gathered in Moose Jaw at the Heritage Inn. Tammy Shields from Cleanfarms, who is also from Moose Jaw, talked about their programs for agricultural plastics. Ethan Richardson from the used oil program (SARRC) demonstrated the circular economy using the components of his program as examples.

Both workshops included presentations from SARCAN (Kevin Action and Sean Homenick) about their household glass initiative, from Product Care’s Colleen Dixon on starting up a depot for household hazardous waste, updates from the waste diversion and landfill sections of the Ministry of Environment on the solid waste strategy, the transfer station code and construction/demolition landfills. We also heard from Leon Pratchler and Trevor Bouchard from HumaTerra on their soil enhancing product that uses compost as a base. We’re excited that there is a market for municipal compost in the province. Meg Dorwart from SWRC illustrated how Repair Café events work and I (Joanne Fedyk) presented on the federal single use plastic ban.

Thanks to Crown Shred & Recycling for sponsoring the Fall Workshops. It was great to see Anatoli Davidian and Jackie Huculak at both events. Thanks also to our MCs – Bobbie Duns (SWRC) in P.A. and Sheri Praski (SWANA/EcoStrategies) in Moose Jaw.