SWRC Update: Provincial Happenings

SWRC Update: Provincial Happenings

Sometimes watching governments progress is like being too close to a beehive – “no sudden movements”. While we would expect a year like 2020 to stall everything completely, it’s nice to see a lot of background work got done and we’re now seeing the results.

We started the year off with a regulated battery recycling program. Call2Recycle already operated in the province on a voluntary basis and now is here officially. The new fees on batteries, ranging from one penny for button batteries to ten dollars for electric bike batteries, fund expanded collection and education. Their Saskatchewan website gives all the details, with the number of places to drop off batteries in the province growing all the time.

Also getting underway soon (April 1st), is the household hazardous waste (HHW) stewardship program. The fees collected on hazardous products like solvents, pesticides, and flammables will provide support for already-planned 2021 HHW collection events. Future years will bring more events and some permanent depots. Municipalities will no longer bear the costs of disposal and more Saskatchewan residents will have responsible options for HHW.

The Ministry of Environment has also announced a review of the Multi-Material Recycling Program. They’ve prepared a discussion paper and survey and are inviting comment. Check here for more details.

Also in the process of being established is the Solid Waste Management Advisory Committee, which will provide input to the government on the implementation of its Solid Waste Management Strategy. The strategy has many recommendations that should keep things rolling along for quite a while.