SWRC Update: Planning ahead for Waste Reduction Week

SWRC Update: Planning ahead for Waste Reduction Week

Waste Reduction Week doesn’t happen until October, but the best planning happens now. Plenty of lead time equals better choices of locations for events, more time to find volunteers and lot of time to create awareness leading up to Oct 21-27, 2019. The SWRC is busy working on our plans for the week, and we encourage our members to start now too. 

Last year, during WRW, the SWRC held a Repair Café in partnership with The Library of Things and The Saskatoon Makerspace. A Repair Cafe is a one-day pop-up event where the public can bring in household items to be fixed for free. It was a great success. We repaired 50 out of 65 items brought in. We heard from our social network that people in other communities would like to see similar events happening there too.

So this year we are supporting more Saskatchewan communities to hold Repair Cafés on Sat Oct 26th  (WRW“s Swap, Share Repair Day). We will actively be looking for organizations to host Repair Cafés in each of the 16 cities across the province – but if you live in a town and want to see one there, we encourage you to go ahead and hold one as well. 

The Repair Café movement is global. You can download the guide on how to hold one from their international website here

Repair Cafés are a great fit for WRW, but so are many other activities. There are seven different theme days you can line up your chosen activity with.

Here are some great options for celebrating WRW in your community: 

If you are planning a WRW event and would like some help or advice, we would love to hear from you. You can email us at [email protected]