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  1. Fix it, Felix!

    Fix it, Felix!

    These days I feel like the character Fix-it Felix Jr. from the movie Wreck-it Ralph. If you’ve never seen it, there are two main characters: Wreck-it destroys…
  2. Repair Up Front

    Repair Up Front

    In this world where planned obsolescence reigns supreme, people don’t often opt for the repair option. We have been trained to love the newest model and…
  3. Green Baby Raising

    Green Baby Raising

    Well, it must have really struck a chord with the editor, or been a really slow news day, when an article on green parenting made the cover page of the…
  4. Stuff


    Black Friday … the term started in Philadelphia, (according to our collective brain, Wikipedia) and originally referred to the heavy and disruptive foot…
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