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  1. Loraas' Education Room is Open

    Loraas' Education Room is Open

    Loraas has recently opened a brand new interactive Education Room at their Saskatoon location. It is a great opportunity for kids of all ages (and adults)…
  2. CRD Markets (Or not)

    CRD Markets (Or not)

    Starting up recycling for a new material has always been a chicken-and-egg situation. You can’t recycle anything unless you have an end use. Collecting…
  3. CRD at Our House

    CRD at Our House

    There’s nothing quite like living through renovations. Kris and I have lived through one so far in our house – but we hired contractors to do it – and…
  4. Green events … you set the stage

    Green events … you set the stage

    When you bring a whole bunch of people together, chances are, they’re going to make a mess. It’s just what happens. People eat, drink, and interact in…
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