SWRC Mission 

With valuable assistance from Synergy Solutions, in 2010 on our 20th anniversary, we considered where we have come from and re-visited the question of who we are and what we do. SWRC has created a new mission statement:

As an advocate for community and environment, SWRC will lead in addressing the underlying causes of waste by identifying opportunities, creating connections and promoting solutions.

Within this mission are sub-messages:

  • advocate for community and environment -- to us, this means that we operate with both the community's and the environment's interests in mind and that we seek the balance between these two priorities.
  • the word lead mandates us to get ahead of things and to not wait for issues to land on our doorstep before we take them on.
  • underlying causes of waste -- this speaks to the need for SWRC to go beyond recycling where we can and to work on ways to reduce waste and eliminate the forces that cause waste to be created.
  • identifying opportunities, creating connections and promoting solutions -- these are the ways that we will achieve the first part of the mission. We should be able to categorize all of our actions into these three processes. We certainly do all three with our Waste Minimization Forum events -- identify opportunities for waste reduction, create connections between participants and presenters as well as among participants, and the presenters promote solutions for all of us to consider.  We do a lot of creating connections when people or businesses call with a specific item they want to recycle and we refer them to someone who might be able to help. The process of gathering information for our recycling database is all about identifying opportunities. Our Awards program promotes solutions. Our composting work is mostly about promoting solutions (and creating some connections...).