Who we are

The Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council is dedicated to helping the people of Saskatchewan reduce waste. We are a non-governmental organization and our funding comes from many sources, including our members. We are also a registered non-profit and a charitable organization. Our members and board of directors guide our activities. Curious how we got started? You can read more about our history here.


As an advocate for community and environment, SWRC will lead in addressing the underlying causes of waste by identifying opportunities, creating connections and promoting solutions.

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A waste-free Saskatchewan

Strategic Priority Goals

- A Strong Community: SWRC is a key player in bringing together a strong waste-focused community. We provide information to the public about recycling, provide current information to our members and advocate for waste reduction in the province.

- Organics: SWRC is a leader in the discussion about food waste prevention. We are seen as a key resource on backyard composting and as knowledgeable about larger-scale organic waste management solutions. Every Saskatchewan community has provisions for some type of organic waste diversion.

- Source Reduction: SWRC facilitates the adoption of reduction and reuse practices. Across Saskatchewan there is recognition of the need to prioritize reduction and reuse over recycling, with an emphasis on the value of these practices compared to wasteful alternatives. 


  • Waste ReForum annual conference
  • a database of Saskatchewan recycling programs
  • participation on stakeholder committees
  • response to inquiries on recycling and waste reduction
  • composting promotion and training
  • co-ordination of Waste Reduction Week in Canada for Saskatchewan
  • monthly member newsletter, WasteWatch
  • annual Saskatchewan Waste Minimization Awards

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