Saskatchewan Waste Minimization Awards

Thanks to SaskTel for sponsoring the Awards.

These Awards recognize excellence in waste reduction in Saskatchewan, and are intended to promote leadership and inspire all sectors of the province to undertake waste reduction activities. We hope not only to provide well-deserved recognition, but also to highlight success stories for others to consider adopting.

Nominations will reopen in the fall


  • Lifetime Achievement — Saskatchewan residents (current or recent) who, through their actions, work and/or volunteer efforts, have provided outstanding waste reduction leadership and inspiration.
  • Individual — Individuals aged 18 and over who lived in Saskatchewan for at least nine months in 2022 and who have made extraordinary contributions to waste reduction. 
  • Youth/School/Youth Service Organization — individuals under age 18 who have lived in Saskatchewan for at least nine months in 2022, or their school or community group, who have demonstrated exemplary commitment and leadership by involving peers, schools, neighbours, or communities in waste reduction and conservation efforts.
  • Corporation — corporate entities and institutions (not municipalities or charitable organizations), including crown corporations, who operated in Saskatchewan in 2022 and who have outstanding waste reduction initiatives.
  • Small Business — small businesses (not municipalities or charitable organizations) who operated in Saskatchewan in 2022 with outstanding waste reduction initiatives. 
  • Non-profit Organization — non-profit or grass-roots groups operating in Saskatchewan that have waste reduction programs beyond expectation
  • Municipality (<5,000) — Saskatchewan municipalities with a population under 5,000 who have demonstrated excellence and leadership in waste reduction.
  • Municipality (>5,000) — Saskatchewan municipalities with a population over 5,000 who have demonstrated excellence and leadership in waste reduction.
  • Partnerships — partnerships involving two or more parties from among eligible Saskatchewan municipal, corporate and/or non-profit organizations that demonstrate the benefits of co-operation and extraordinary waste reduction achievements.
  • Festival or Event — any group's/organization's event held in 2022 that demonstrated excellence and innovation in waste reduction.


Judging is done by the SWRC Awards Committee. There may not be an award presented in every category every year. The same organization may be nominated in more than one year, but multiple awards will not be given for the same programs/activities. The judges will consider new initiatives in subsequent years.

Judging will follow the hierarchy of the Rs: first priority will be given to waste reduction at source, including composting; then to reuse, repair, and finally to recycling.

Awards criteria

  • Environmental impacts (including quantified reductions in waste)
  • Innovation and progressiveness
  • Leadership
  • History and track record
  • Overall environmental commitment   

Nominations are open from October 28th 2022 — February 5th, 2023

Winners will be announced at the awards banquet held during our ReForum Conference on May 25th, 2023.