New composting program in use this year at Regina Folk Festival

New composting program in use this year at Regina Folk Festival

(Regina Leader Post) - Garbage disposal at the Regina Folk Festival this weekend is going to be different than in years past.

This is the first year that the Folk Fest will be using a new composting program that aims to reduce the festival’s waste by more than 90 per cent.

“The composting system is really when you get on site being able to pay attention to where you’re putting your garbage and which things actually can’t be composted and working with the volunteers that are stationed at each of the garbage centres,” said Sandra Butel, artistic director and CEO of Regina Folk Festival.

This is something that the festival has been working on for close to three years.

Each year the group attends the Calgary Folk Festival and had been watching that festival’s composting system. RFF employees knew they wanted to do something similar.

“In previous years nobody in the province had actually had an industrial composter, so we couldn’t compost everything together,” Butel said.

The festival found Titan Carbon Smart Technologies this year. The Saskatchewan company has an industrial composter and will use a bio-refinery process to compost garbage.

“Because that is available, we can actually have a whole system for picking all of it up and sorting it. And then it turns into some small piece of carbon in the end. It’s quite spectacular actually how small it becomes,” Butel said.

The City of Regina sees this as a step in the right direction for events held in the city.

“Seeing such a big event taking a step is definitely supportive of what (the city does) and what we’re trying to work towards. So we’re very happy to see it for sure,” said Ben Brodie, waste minimization specialist with the solid waste department with the city.

Brodie says this shows the city and other events that operate at Victoria Park that an initiative like this is possible.

“Perhaps down the road it’s something we can work with (RFF) on in getting that information out there to other event organizers and perhaps working that into some of the initiatives we have at the city,” Brodie said.

This is not the first green initiative that Folk Fest has undertaken. The festival tries to encourage people to use reusable water bottles by having two water bottle refilling stations on site. It also switched all onstage lighting to LED which uses a 10th of the power that regular lighting uses.

“We would encourage you also to ride your bike. So these are all the things you can do to get into an environmental state of mind,” Butel said.

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