SWRC Update: What are you planning for Waste Reduction Week in Canada?

SWRC Update: What are you planning for Waste Reduction Week in Canada?

Waste Reduction Week in Canada is coming up October 16-22, 2017. Of course, around here, everyweek is waste reduction week, but it is nice to have one week a year where we can really highlight the issue of waste.

This is the time for people involved in waste reduction and recycling to start planning activities to celebrate Waste Reduction Week. It is a great time to announce new programs, organize a tour or open house of your facililty or sponsor a waste reduction challenge for your customers or residents.

Waste Reduction Week is also an opportunity for individuals to improve their waste reduction habits and to help others do the same. Here are a few simple actions people can take during Waste Reduction Week:

As an individual: Try planning for a week without garbage. Remove your gabage cans and keep any waste you create in a clear bag. For lots of tips on how to plan your garbage-free week go here.

At work: Host a lunch-and-learn about waste reduction. Watch a short documentary, such as The Story of Stuff, on waste and choose one wasteful situation you could improve on at work. For more ideas on how to improve in the office see ideas here.

In your community: organize a public event like a community swap and trade day or promote Waste Reduction Week in Canada through your community association. For more ideas on waste reduction in the community see here.

If you are planning a Waste Reduction Week activity, be sure to let us know about it! You can post it to our Facebook page, or send us an email at [email protected].